Documentary photography workshops with Mariusz Janiszewski

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Exclusive documentary photography workshops with Mariusz Janiszewski

Spend 10 days in the Philippines and explore secrets of creating a documentary project and street photography. You will discover all nooks of Manila, life in the cemetery, cockfighting, street basketball games and many more.

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But the biggest attraction will be waiting for you in San Fernando (Pampanga province) – Easter in Filipino style! You will be able to observe and participate in the Way of the Cross completed with a real crucifixion!

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Seats: 3

Date: March 19 – April 1, 2016

Price: PLN 7,500 (≈ EUR 1,700), including:

  • cost of workshops
  • Warsaw-Manila-Warsaw flight
  • Philippine fixer

The price does not include: transport to and from Warsaw, accommodation, local transfers, meals and personal expenses.

Deadline for booking: March 18, 2016 (11:59 PM CET)

Mariusz Janiszewski (b. 1975) | based in Warsaw (Poland) | doc! photo magazine’s staff photographer also known from his advertising photography achievements | his greatest passion is travelling, wandering around with camera in hand, meeting new people | winner and finalist of many photographic contests, including Grand Press Photo (2015, 2014, 2013), BZ WBK Press Foto (2015, 2014), Hasselblad Masters Award (2014) and Humanity Photo Awards (2013), among others | next to doc! photo magazine, also publishes in LFI, Poznaj Swiat and Aorta.

See Mariusz Janiszewski’s projects published in doc! photo magazine #2, #8, #19 and #26.

Photo-expedition to Oman

© Jerzy Wierzbicki

© Jerzy Wierzbicki

Great advanture is coming! As soon as on October 28 a photo-expedition will depart from Warsaw to Oman. Planned for 11 days rout of 2,800 km creates a unique loop-shaped tour in that remote and friendly country. The expedition is led by two experienced photojournalists – Marek Lapis (doc! #12 & #16) and Jerzy Wierzbicki who has been living and working in Oman since 2007.

The Sultanate of Oman is the perl of the Middle East, where Arab culture mixes up with the strong influences of Indian and East African ones. 70% of Oman’s area is coated by different deserts: from a stony one, where nomads breed their camels for hundreds of years, through the Wahiba Sands, with its reddish sand, to the majestic and mighty Rub’ al Khali, which is the world’s largest sand desert. Its huge sand dunes, stretching for hundreds of kilometres, make an overwhelming impression. It is one of the last unchanged by humans ecosystems on the globe. A hard to reach place which hides its secrets behind its harsh climate and enormous territory.

© Jerzy Wierzbicki

© Jerzy Wierzbicki

Oman also means mountains. The high Al Jabal al Akhdar in the north of the country, with deserted, fortified small towns similar to Mexican pueblos from Ansel Adams’s photos. While the mountains in the far south Dhofar Governorate are famous for incense trees and high cliffs, reaching the warm coast of the Indian Ocean.

Besides the deserts and mountains, Oman has to offer thousands of kilometres of white beaches, tens of turquoise lagoons with countless wild birds. Oman is a country of sailors and travellers. It is the place from which Sindbad the Sailor set off on his voyages. Omani sailing ships for centuries reached Eastern Africa, India and Far East. The Omanis gave the culture to Zanzibar and conquered a large part of present-day Tanzania.

Travelling with Lapis and Wierzbicki, you will become a traveller and not a tourist with a camera. You will see places and people able to inspire you and change your view of the world. Instead of tourist enclaves, you will get to remote places which are mysterious and breathtaking with their beauty. There is a special bonus: photographing with professional equipment provided by FujiFilm Polska!

© Jerzy Wierzbicki

© Jerzy Wierzbicki

Jerzy Wierzbicki
(b. 1975) | photojournalist and documentary photographer | author of the album Gdansk Suburbia album | winner of some photography contests, including Polish Press Photo, Newsreportaz and Humanity Photo Award | former photographer of the Arabic-language newspaper Al Shabiba and English-language publications Times of Oman and Y Magazine (2009-2011) | author of over a hundred articles about Oman published in Y Magazine, National Geographic Traveler Polska, Podroze, Wyprawa 4×4, OutdoorUAE | undertook 290 expeditions to the Omani interior (2007-2014) | organiser of several expeditions, undertaken under the auspices of (since 2011) | member of the American Society of Media Photographers (since 2011).

Marek Lapis (b. 1968) | member of the Association of Polish Artists Photographers | engaged in photojournalism, documentary and street photography | winner of prestigious photo contests, including International Photography Awards, Grand Press Photo, BZ WBK Press Foto, Przetwornia Project, and Polish Contest of Sport Photography | publishes in Wprost, Polityka, Newsweek, Time, Focus and The Sunday Telegraph | lecturer at photography workshops for the people with intellectual disabilities, originator and author of his own workshop programme for the deaf | teaches Photography at the Greater Poland School of Photography and Collegium Da Vinci in Poznan.

Photo-expedition to Oman – key facts:
-> Time: October 28 – November 7, 2015
-> Max. no. of participants: 12
-> Cost:

  • Option 1: PLN 6,000
  • Option 2 (with Fuji XT-10 camera + 16-50 3,5/5.6 lens): PLN 8,900

-> The cost of visa (available at the Muscat International Airport), airplane tickets, 4×4 car rental, petrol, accomodation and food are not included.

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Photo-expedition to the Sultanate of Oman is organised under doc! photo magazine patronage.