THE EUROPEANS – ITALY @ doc! #27/28

Italian street photography emerged after the WW2 with the explicit aim to suppress the obsolete canons of pictorialism and of celebrative photography. Those were tied with the propaganda instances and aesthetics of the past regime and, as such, had to be obliterated. This was a fertile context for documentary photography, photojournalism, or even for the efforts of photo artists in describing the various aspects of post war’s Italy. It was a fertile context for street photography. Various authors, stimulated by the neorealism of Rossellini and Visconti, were able to embed intimate perceptions and moods in the container of an ethnographically and sociologically rigorous document. Names, as those of Barzini, De Biase, Giacomelli, Migliori, mix up with the names even of amateurs, less known but well dedicated to document the re-conquer of life and dignity in a country so heavily hit by the war. The fine street photographs, and the photographers, here selected among many others, bear witness of just this. Welcome to street photography in Italy.

by Giovanni Mattia Porcelli

doc! #27/28 (pp. 224-243)