HumanDOC film festival starts today!

25 films will be screened during the 8th International Documentary Film Festival HumanDOC, which starts today in Warsaw (Poland). The festival is the first in Central and Eastern Europe and the world’s third innovative event combining world-class cinema with global reflection. Films presented at the HumanDOC Festival are real gems of documentary films showing global interdependencies, problems and challenges. The festival is a world in a nutshell: living for less than one dollar a day, fighting against social exclusion, the effects of climate change, international aid, conflicts…

The festival is a unique combination of pleasurable and useful: world-class documentaries, social campaigns, debates and discussions – HumanDOC presents original, full of passion and emotions films, which are sensitive to social injustice and above all – inspire action, thinking and discovering the world anew!

Globalisation has heavily influenced societies in different parts of the world, causing the problems of underdeveloped countries to rise to the level of global ones. At the same time, however, the economic divide between the rich North (the so-called Global North) and the poor South (Global South) is continuing to deepen. The uncontrolled growth of the world population and the accompanying unemployment are causing extreme poverty, epidemics of hunger and infectious diseases. There are further conflicts that force more costly interventions on richer countries. Excessive consumption causes the depletion of natural resources and dramatically worsens condition of the environment. These problems are just a small part of a very long list of challenges facing the world today.

All films featured during the 8th International Documentary Film Festival HumanDOC are grouped in six categories:

  • KILOMETRES – close and far journeys;
  • FREE UKRAINE – the geographically closest conflict;
  • REFLECTION – meditations about the yesterday, today and tomorrow;
  • UNIQUE – unknown communities;
  • CHANGE – what is worth to work on;
  • IMPORTANT MISSION – superheroes of modernity.

This year, the jury will award three prizes: The Best Polish Film, The Best Foreign Film and Special Award for The Best Film Online.

More info and detailed programme of the festival @ (website in Polish language version only)


International Documentary Film Festival HumanDOC
@ Warsaw (Poland)
November 24-26, 2017

The HumanDOC film festival is organised under doc! photo magazine patronage.


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