Szymon Brodziak @ Leica Gallery Warsaw


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Szymon Brodziak (“the 2013 world’s best photographer of black-and-white advertising campaigns” by FashionTV) takes pictures mainly ordered by companies, for advertising, and image campaigns. BRODZIAK ‘ONE’ is asummary of the last ten years of Szymon’s photographic work, whose artistic credo is: “You are what you see.”

In most of the cases, Brodziak photographs women. It happens that his works are controversial, because the models appear in unusual poses and places, and even unusual roles. But there are also classic or even romantic photos, portraits catching our attention with play of light.

Leica Gallery Warsaw exhitbiotn will be accompanied by author’s meeting (February 8 at 5:00 PM) and workshop with Szymon Brodziak.

More info @ Leica Gallery Warsaw (in Polish language version only)

Szymon BrodziakBrodziak ‘ONE’
Leica Gallery Warsaw (3 Mysia St., Warsaw, Poland). The grand opening: February 6 at 8:00 PM. The exhibition will be open to the public from February 7 to 15 March 2015.

Hybridity of the Subject @ andel’s Hotel Lodz

© Jacek Kolodziejski, Jan Mioduszewski, Agata Uchman & Ola Winiarska

© Jacek Kolodziejski, Jan Mioduszewski, Agata Uchman & Ola Winiarska

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Four different artisitic personalities (photographer – Jacek Kolodziejski, painter – Jan Mioduszewski, and fashion designers – Ola Winiarska & Agata Uchman) in one project being a compilation of fashion desing, photography, painting, and installation – Hybridity of the Subject. What came from the combination of their creativity? Come and check it yourself!

More info @ Facebook

Jacek Kolodziejski, Jan Mioduszewski, Agata Uchman & Ola Winiarska – Hybridity of the Subject
andel’s Hotel Lodz (17 Ogrodowa St., Lodz, Poland). Grand opening: February 6 at 7:00 PM. The exhibition will be open to the public until March 7, 2015. The exhibition takes place within the ANDEL’S PRESENTS series.

DEBUTS 2015 jury – Ron Haviv

© John Stanmeyer | VII

© John Stanmeyer | VII

Ron Haviv – based in New York City (NY, USA) | an Emmy nominated and award-winning photojournalist | co-founder of the VII Photo agency | author of 3 monographs – Blood and Honey: A Balkan War Journal, (called “One of the best non-fiction books of the year,” by The Los Angeles Times and “A chilling but vastly important record of a people’s suffering,” by Newsweek), Afghanistan: The Road to Kabul, and Haiti: 12 January 2010. | has produced a record of the injustices of war | his work in the Balkans, which spanned over a decade of conflict, was used as evidence to indict and convict war criminals at the International Criminal Tribunal in The Hague | President H.W. George Bush cited his photographs documenting paramilitary violence in Panama as one of the reasons for the 1989 American intervention | central character in 6 documentary films, including National Geographic Explorer’s Freelance in a World of Risk | has provided expert analysis and commentary on ABC World News, BBC, CNN, NPR, MSNBC, NBC Nightly News, Good Morning America, and The Charlie Rose Show.

doc! photo magazine #29/30


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Inside the magazine:

* Pawel Jaszczuk as a main photographer of the issue

-> KINKY CITY (photo story)

* Anna Maria Biniecka -> THE BIRTH
* Sean Lee -> SHAUNA
* Jeppe Bøje Nielsen -> LOURDES
* Massimiliano Perasso -> DISAPPEARANCE
* Tatiana Vinogradova -> DAYS OF MELANCHOLY

With special appearance of Anna Liminowicz, Maciej Przemyk, Wiktoria Wojciechowska, and Katarzyna Zolich in DEBUTS vol. 2.

This issue of doc! photo magazine is FOR ADULTS ONLY!


Cover photo: Pawel Jaszczuk

Finalists of the 2015 Grand Prix Lodz Fotofestiwal


Fotofestiwal Lodz announced all finalists of its Grand Prix contest. Some familiar names among them!

The finalists who will have their exhibition during the festival includes Sarker Protick (Bangladesh; doc! #25, pp. 181-205) and Mateusz Sarello (Poland; doc! #2, pp. 107-127 & doc! #18, pp. 187-199).

The list of finalists who will take part in special slideshow during the festival opening night, includes: Ciril Jazbec (Slovenia; doc! #20, pp. 41-87), Wojtek Moskwa (Poland; doc! #8, pp. 183-203), Borut Peterlin (Slovenia; doc! #21, pp. 149-169), and Pawel Zak (Poland; cd! #1, pp. 131-149 & cd! #6, pp. 43-65).

And among finalists who will take part in portfolio review are: already mentioned Borut Peterlin (Slovenia) and Werner Mansholt (Germany; doc! #23, pp. 189-209).


All lists of finalists @ Fotofestiwal’s website.

DEBUTS 2015 jury – Francesco Zizola

© Leo Carbotta

© Leo Carbotta

Francesco Zizola – based in Rome (Italy) | an Italian photojournalist and a founding member of Noor Images agency (doc! #7, pp. 33-75) | has documented the world’s major conflicts and their hidden crisis, focusing on the social and humanitarian issues that define life in the developing world as well as in western countries | his pictures characterize with a strong ethical commitment and a distinctive aesthetic eye | his assignments and personal projects have taken him around the world, giving him the opportunity to carefully portray forgotten crises and relevant issues often disregarded by the mainstream media | founder of 10b Photography, a multipurpose centre for digital photography promoting photography culture through exhibitions, workshops, and lectures | has received several awards, e.g. 9 awards in World Press Photo contests (including World Press Photo of the Year 1996) and 4 Picture of the Year International awards (POYi) | has published 7 books.

DEBUTS 2015 jury – Luca Desienna

© Luca Desienna

© Luca Desienna

Luca Desienna – based in London (United Kingdom) | director of Gomma Books Ltd., a bijou publishing house specialising in high-quality collectible photo books, incl. MONO – a trilogy showcasing the best contemporary B&W photographers | art director of Gomma Magazine | juror of the Gomma Photography Grant | an award-winning photographer (3rd place winner at PX3, 1st prize winner at Simulacrum Photo Contest, an official selection at the 2011 Voies Off, and a honourable mention at Lens Culture Exposure Awards, among others) | shortlisted for the prestigious European Publishers Award for Photography with the upcoming book My Dearest Javanese Concubine | took part at the renowned PhotoVoice Auction in London | has exhibited throughout Europe and has taken part in numerous art fairs and collective exhibitions. 

DEBUTS VOL. 1 @ doc! #27/28

The first part of presentation with selected images by photographers featured in DEBUTS album (edition 2014), including Mateusz Baj, Magdalena Borowiec, Tomasz Laptaszynski, and Olga Swiatecka.

DEBUTS 2015 jury – Regina Maria Anzenberger

© Regina Maria Anzenberger

© Regina Maria Anzenberger

Regina Maria Anzenberger – based in Vienna (Austria) | artist, curator, founder, and director of the AnzenbergerAgency (est. 1989) and owner of the AnzenbergerGallery (est. 2002) and bookshop (est. 2011) | director of the ViennaPhotoBookFestival | member of the Nominating Committee of the Joop Swart Masterclass and the Prix Pictet | curator of many exhibitions and editor of books like 22 Photographers (Edition Stemmle, 1997), Austrian Documentary Photography and Ferdinand Schmutzer – A Photographic Discovery (Photographers International Taiwan, 1999 and 2004), east (moser Verlag, 2008), west (Kehrer Verlag, 2009), Ferdinand Schmutzer – Photographic Works 1894-1928 (moser Verlag, 2008) | her artistic works include publications like Philodendron (exhibition catalogue with paintings, drawings and B&W photographs, 2006), books like All about Golf, The Dog Shakeera (AnzenbergerGallery, 2010), and My Golf Diary (AnzenbergerGallery, 2011), series Extended (2012), and Bond – mixed media of photography, ink, and found objects (2014).