Photo-expedition to Oman

© Jerzy Wierzbicki

© Jerzy Wierzbicki

Great advanture is coming! As soon as on October 28 a photo-expedition will depart from Warsaw to Oman. Planned for 11 days rout of 2,800 km creates a unique loop-shaped tour in that remote and friendly country. The expedition is led by two experienced photojournalists – Marek Lapis (doc! #12 & #16) and Jerzy Wierzbicki who has been living and working in Oman since 2007.

The Sultanate of Oman is the perl of the Middle East, where Arab culture mixes up with the strong influences of Indian and East African ones. 70% of Oman’s area is coated by different deserts: from a stony one, where nomads breed their camels for hundreds of years, through the Wahiba Sands, with its reddish sand, to the majestic and mighty Rub’ al Khali, which is the world’s largest sand desert. Its huge sand dunes, stretching for hundreds of kilometres, make an overwhelming impression. It is one of the last unchanged by humans ecosystems on the globe. A hard to reach place which hides its secrets behind its harsh climate and enormous territory.

© Jerzy Wierzbicki

© Jerzy Wierzbicki

Oman also means mountains. The high Al Jabal al Akhdar in the north of the country, with deserted, fortified small towns similar to Mexican pueblos from Ansel Adams’s photos. While the mountains in the far south Dhofar Governorate are famous for incense trees and high cliffs, reaching the warm coast of the Indian Ocean.

Besides the deserts and mountains, Oman has to offer thousands of kilometres of white beaches, tens of turquoise lagoons with countless wild birds. Oman is a country of sailors and travellers. It is the place from which Sindbad the Sailor set off on his voyages. Omani sailing ships for centuries reached Eastern Africa, India and Far East. The Omanis gave the culture to Zanzibar and conquered a large part of present-day Tanzania.

Travelling with Lapis and Wierzbicki, you will become a traveller and not a tourist with a camera. You will see places and people able to inspire you and change your view of the world. Instead of tourist enclaves, you will get to remote places which are mysterious and breathtaking with their beauty. There is a special bonus: photographing with professional equipment provided by FujiFilm Polska!

© Jerzy Wierzbicki

© Jerzy Wierzbicki

Jerzy Wierzbicki
(b. 1975) | photojournalist and documentary photographer | author of the album Gdansk Suburbia album | winner of some photography contests, including Polish Press Photo, Newsreportaz and Humanity Photo Award | former photographer of the Arabic-language newspaper Al Shabiba and English-language publications Times of Oman and Y Magazine (2009-2011) | author of over a hundred articles about Oman published in Y Magazine, National Geographic Traveler Polska, Podroze, Wyprawa 4×4, OutdoorUAE | undertook 290 expeditions to the Omani interior (2007-2014) | organiser of several expeditions, undertaken under the auspices of (since 2011) | member of the American Society of Media Photographers (since 2011).

Marek Lapis (b. 1968) | member of the Association of Polish Artists Photographers | engaged in photojournalism, documentary and street photography | winner of prestigious photo contests, including International Photography Awards, Grand Press Photo, BZ WBK Press Foto, Przetwornia Project, and Polish Contest of Sport Photography | publishes in Wprost, Polityka, Newsweek, Time, Focus and The Sunday Telegraph | lecturer at photography workshops for the people with intellectual disabilities, originator and author of his own workshop programme for the deaf | teaches Photography at the Greater Poland School of Photography and Collegium Da Vinci in Poznan.

Photo-expedition to Oman – key facts:
-> Time: October 28 – November 7, 2015
-> Max. no. of participants: 12
-> Cost:

  • Option 1: PLN 6,000
  • Option 2 (with Fuji XT-10 camera + 16-50 3,5/5.6 lens): PLN 8,900

-> The cost of visa (available at the Muscat International Airport), airplane tickets, 4×4 car rental, petrol, accomodation and food are not included.

More info @

Photo-expedition to the Sultanate of Oman is organised under doc! photo magazine patronage.

TIFF Festival 2015 | Polska Now!

Transcendences © Anna Zagrodzka

© Anna Zagrodzka

The 5th edition of Wroclaw located TIFF Festival starts on September 3. Contrary to its previous editions which promoted cooperation between Polish and European photographers, this year’s is focused solely on Polish photography. Thus its theme – Polska Now!

The idea behind this year’s festival is reviewing, exhibiting and promoting Polish photography, especially that of artists of younger generations. Various thematic exhibitions are going to depict the character and variety of contemporary artistic photography. Furthermore, they will allow discussion and pondering over the state of Polish photography and its place in international art.

Main programme of the festival includes three exhibitions:

  • Exquisite Corpse of Polish Photography (orig. Wyborny trup fotografii polskiej) that will present a selection of the most interesting phenomena in contemporary Polish photography. Referring to a game of cadavre exquis invented by surrealists in 1925, the exhibition will create a multithreaded show of seemingly differing and random, yet complementing and consistent in tone artistic endeavors. The exhibition will also be an homage to Jerzy Lewczyński, who passed away in 2014 and who was a nestor of Polish photography and the author of Anthology of Polish Photography, published 20 years ago. The exhibition is an attempt to update it, along with asking questions about the condition of the medium, which has been dematerialising, and maybe has died of natural causes.
    Photographers: Kuba Bąkowski, Przemysław Branas, Dagmara Bugaj, Aleksandra Bydłowska, Damian Chrobak (doc! #13 & #19), Mikołaj Długosz, Marek Domański, Roman Dziadkiewicz, Paweł Fabjański, Tomasz Ferenc, Magdalena Franczuk, Maurycy Gomulicki, Michał Grochowiak, Nicolas Grospierre, Wiktor Gutt, Jan Hoffmann, Marta Hryniuk, Magdalena Hueckel, Michał Jakubowicz, Maciej Jeziorek (doc! #15 & #18), Dorota Kaczmarek, Irena Kalicka, Antonina Kiliś, Monika Kmita, Szymon Kobylarz, Cezary Koczwarski, Karol Komorowski, Bogdan Konopka (cd! #3), Łukasz Kosela, Grzegorz Kowalski, Zuza Krajewska, Yulia Krivich (DEBUTS 2015), Witold Krymarys, Paweł Kula, Konrad Kuzyszyn, Marta Leśniakowska, Paweł Łabuńko, Weronika Ławniczak, Konrad Maciejewicz, Robert Mainka (DEBUTS 2014), Jacek Malinowski, Piotr Matejkowski, Rafał Milach (doc! #19), Piotr Niepsuj, Marek Noniewicz, Maciej Nowacki, Anna Orłowska, Witek Orski, Patrycja Orzechowska, Lola Paprocka, Urszula Pieregończuk, Piotr Pietryga, Krzysztof Pijarski, Ernest Protasiewicz, Grzegorz Przyborek (cd! #2), Paulina Puchalska, Szymon Rogiński, Daniel Rumiancew, Łukasz Rusznica, Zygmunt Rytka, Dominika Sadowska, Mateusz Sadowski, Marian Schmidt, Łukasz Skąpski, Wojtek Skrzypczyński, Sławomir Smolarek, Kama Sokolnicka, Krzysztof Solarewicz, Milena Natalia Soporowska, Grzegorz Stefański, Marcin Sudziński, Tomasz Szerszeń, Małgorzata Szymankiewicz, Agata Śliwińska, Magdalena Świtek (DEBUTS 2015), Andrzej Tobis, Łukasz Trzciński, Małgorzata Turczyńska, Arnau Vidal, Dorota Walentynowicz, Łukasz Wierzbowski, Justyna Wierzchowiecka, Yulka Wilam, Wojtek Wilczyk, Anna Witkovska (DEBUTS 2014), Anna Zagrodzka, Filip Zawada, Piotr Zbierski (doc! #8 & cd! #5), Katarzyna Zolich (DEBUTS 2014) and Krystian Zoszczuk.
  • Crisis is Only the Beginning (orig. Kryzys jest tylko początkiem) that will discuss the topics of traversing traditional borders of the medium, and searching for the physicality and materiality in artistic installations. While analysing the idea of crisis, it will use selected aspects of contemporary Polish photography, which so willingly crosses the borders between fields of knowledge and media. Presented artists are going to tackle the subject, answering questions about cognitive values and our ability to perceive, which is determined by our addiction to photographic optics.
    Photographers: Ewa Axelrad, Filip Berendt, Michał Jelski, Agata Madejska, Igor Omulecki, Anna Orłowska, Witek Orski and Mateusz Sadowski.
  • Roots&Fruits that will present works of students and graduates of the Lodz Film School which have been celebrated in international competitions. The exhibition is a perfect opportunity to observe up close the works of artists who represent Poland and Polish photography internationally.
    Photographers: Katarzyna Bielska, Renata Dąbrowska (doc! #3), Przemek Dzienis, Magdalena Franczuk, Artur Gutowski (doc! #5 & #24), Agata Grzybowska, Adrian Jaszczak (DEBUTS 2015), Karolina Jonderko (doc! #1 & #18), Bartłomiej Jurecki, Irenka Kalicka, Katarzyna Maluga, Robert Mainka (DEBUTS 2014), Marcela Paniak (cd! #5), Igor Pisuk (DEBUTS 2014), Sonia Szóstak, Dominik Tarabański, Tomasz Wysocki and Piotr Zbierski (doc! #8 & cd! #5).


Rewind, Chapter II © Marlena Jabłońska

Rewind, Chapter II
© Marlena Jabłońska

Another section of the festival is Publications. The main part of this exhibition is going to be a tour of the most important publications in Poland. Not only will it include major releases from the last few years, but also zins created by young artists, and models of books prepared during workshops and competitions. The second part of the exhibition concerns 10 selected books, from the perspective of people engaged in their creation. The exhibition is an amalgamation of notes, video interviews, models, reproductions, references and inspiration to show fascinating stories and individual dilemmas behind publication of photography books.

The Publications section also offers the opportunity to meet artists and curators. Publications are also going to offer something new – 4-day-long workshops about editing a photography book, where participants can create their own publications from the scratch. Additionally, during the opening weekend, a trade fair will take place where Polish publishers are going to present a rich catalogue of photography books.

Traditionally, the festival will also present laureates of its Debuts section, supporting and promoting artists at the beginning of their careers. In open contest for everyone who wanted to share their photographic achievements –  students, graduates of art schools, amateurs, or freelancers – jury, consisting of curators of Wroclaw’s galleries and the Director of TIFF Festival, has selected 4 winners:  Marlena Jabłońska (DEBUTS 2014), Kamil I, Katarzyna Wąsowska and Agata Dobierska.

The festival is organised in cooperation with the European Capital of Culture – Wroclaw 2016 and under doc! photo magazine patronage.

More info about the festival, including its programme and detailed list of all accompanying events @

Borys Makary @ NEY Gallery&Prints

© Borys Makary

© Borys Makary

They Were project in its form comes down to a Man Ray like imaging of reality with negatives on which the author hand-painted signs and figures, symbolising the nature of the person shown in the picture. The starting point was numerology, hidden symbols, that, avoiding literality, were to tell something about the person.

The photographs from They Were project tell a story about different women. These graphic images, hand-painted by their author, attract and intrigue the viewer, making them analyse the complex ‘patterns’ of personalities. Borys Makary does not tell the viewers everything, letting them read and interpret his works freely and independently.

The project was published in contra doc! #6 and presented at the Nue 1. exhibition by the Parisian NUE gallery. It also won first place in the Fine Art – Nude category at the 2013 Prix de la Photographie Paris (PX3) contest.

Borys Makary (b. 1977) | based in Cracow (Poland) | MA in Visual Arts, graduate from the Multimedia Communication Faculty of the University of Art in Poznan | learned fashion photography from Miles Aldridge and at the International Centre of Photography in New York | former assistant to Richard Warren – fashion photographer | after studying turned to conceptual and creative photography commenting reality | his projects show his interest in human nature, especially the female one | has presented his photographs at exhibitions in France, Poland, Spain and USA | has been awarded at many European and American photo competitions, including Prix de la Photographie Paris (2013).

Borys Makary – They Were

NEY Gallery&Prints (5 Spokojna St., Warsaw, Poland). Grand opening: September 11 at 7:00 PM. The exhibition will be open to the public until September 30, 2015.

The exhibition is organised under contra doc! patronage.

Jacek Fota @ Leica Gallery Warsaw

© Jacek Fota

© Jacek Fota

It would seem senseless to go through the United States with a camera after Robert Frank in the 1950s. However, since that moment, many photographers try to work out their own original idea for such an expedition. One of them is Jacek Fota, author of the next exhibition at the Leica Gallery Warsaw – Some Things are Quieter than Others.

Boring kilometres, endless space, occasional encounters. All these, despite the smooth surface of the picture, bring some anxiety. There’s something subcutaneous, rough, surreal. Among these visual records of the conducted trip, we will also find images inspired by previously seen photographs. Their number bothers. Was Fota in the same places? Did he really frame as his predecessors? And finally, are these anonymous, already photographed and looking similar places, in such a number that you lose your mind?

Jacek Fota – based in Warsaw (Poland) | freelance photographer | focusing on long-term documentary projects | member of the AnzenbergerAgency (since 2013) | author of the following projects: Palace of Science and Culture, Cortenstructure, Vacant Florida, Wrestling Kids and Slepless Woodstock | laureate of the 3rd award at the portfolio review during the Month of Photography in Bratislava (2013).

Read more about the exhibition @ Leica Gallery Warsaw website (website in Polish language version only)

Jacek Fota – Some Things are Quieter than Others

Leica Gallery Warsaw (3 Mysia St., Warsaw, Poland). Grand opening: September 4 at 8:00 PM. The exhibition will be open to the public between September 5 and October 18, 2015.

The exhibition is organised under doc! photo magazine patronage.

‘Eclipse Plumage’ by Delphine Schacher @ doc! photo magazine Fotofestiwal Lodz 2015 edition

© Delphine Schacher

© Delphine Schacher

Eclipse Plumage is about childhood, countryside, looks, expectations but also melancholy. A series of young girls portraits made in Transylvania, half-way between the documentary and poetry, under the shape of a visual tale which has childhood and the fragility of this precious time as a main theme.

These portraits mix with the pictures of the traditional universe in which these young girls live and make us discover a different vision of a painfully marked Romania, moving forward in the present, while living in the shadow of its history like an adult taking his first steps outside childhood. In a hide and seek game between shadow and light, Eclipse Plumage launches the ball of these unique and fleeting moments of grace which are bound to disappear.

by Delphine Schacher

doc! photo magazine Fotofestiwal Lodz 2015 edition
online version
printed version SOLD OUT!
pp. 87-107

Winners of the 2015 Kontinent Awards announced

Band of brothers. © Linelle Deunk

Band of Brothers. © Linelle Deunk

Linelle Deunk from the Netherlands became the Grand Winner of the 2015 International Kontinent Photography Awards with her work Band of Brothers (see above). The winning image presents 5 boys, sons of Gertrude, who live in Mukono District (Uganda). Gertrude is one of the members of the Katosi Women Development Trust which empowers women by teaching them and supporting them with micro-credits.

„The micro-credits Gertrude has received have benefitted her in a variety of ways. The most fundamental thing has been the opportunity to give her an her family reliable access to drinking water. That makes life less challenging and ensures that her children stay healthy. Thus, they can focus on growing and developing themselves, rather than simply surviving“ – says Linelle Deunk.

This year edition of the Kontinent Awards gathered photographers from 92 countries who submitted their works to the following categories: Advertising (single image), Editorial/Documentary (projects), Editorial/Documentary (single image), Fine Art (projects), Fine Art (single image) and Nature (single image). All submitted works were evaluated by an international jury formed by renowned members of the photography world:

  • Sophie Batterbury – Head of Pictures of The Independent 
  • Barbara Ceferin – Owner of the Galerija Fotografia Slovenia
  • Anna G. Dickson – Deputy Photography Director of The Wall Street Journal
  • Anne Farrar – Senior Photo Editor of The Washington Post 
  • Alessia Glaviano – Senior Photo Editor of Vogue Italia
  • Vanessa Hallett – Senior Director and Worldwide Head of Photography of the Phillips
  • Magdalena Herrera – Director of Photography of GEO France 
  • Elizabeth I. Johnson – Senior Photo Editor of CNN
  • Paweł Kopczyński – Editor Pictures Europe Central, Nordic and CIS of the Thompson Reuters
  • Chelsea Matiash – Photo Editor of The Walls Street Journal 
  • Brent Murray – Director of Photography of Bloomberg
  • Michael Pritchard – Director General of The Royal Photographic Society
  • Jonas Tebib – Photography Specialist of Christie’s Paris
  • Elviera Velghe – Director of the Fotomuseum Antwerp
  • Jessie Wender – Senior Photo Editor of National Geographic Magazine

The list of the 2015 Kontinent Awards winners:

Grand Prix

Linelle Deunk (the Netherlands)

Advertising (single image)

© Matthew Edward Loh

© Matthew Edward Loh

Editorial/Documentary (projects)

© Elin Høyland

© Elin Høyland

Editorial/Documentary (single image)

© Enrique Lopez-Tapia

© Enrique Lopez-Tapia

Fine Art (projects)

© Scarlett Hooft Graafland

© Scarlett Hooft Graafland

Fine Art (single image)

© Simon Jones

© Simon Jones

Nature (single image)

© Graham McGeorge

© Graham McGeorge

The grand winner and winners of all category will receive awards including exhibition, monetary grant, book/magazine publishing and representation as well as product prizes from the contest sponsors.

The Kontinent Awards honours the best photographers in the world of photography and provide them global recognition and new opportunities.

More info @

The 2015 Kontinent Awards was organised under doc! photo magazine and contra doc! patronage.

‘Borderland’ by Jiehao Su @ doc! photo magazine Fotofestiwal Lodz 2015 edition

© Jiehao Su

© Jiehao Su

Borderland is a project deeply rooted in my personal history. I spent my early twenties living a nomadic life in China, trying to escape from the sorrow of my mother’s sudden death when I was 18. After years of wandering, I began work on Borderland in 2012 as a way to look inward and recall my early memories, to reflect on my identity, and to search for a sense of belonging.

As I returned to some nostalgic places in China, revisiting moments from my past, I construct a personal narrative with a mix of atmospheric portraits and landscape as well as intimate still life details. Together the images comprise a quiet, delicate, and melancholic meditation on my personal history, between reality and imagination, present experience and memory, isolation and belonging.

My aim is to rebuild my self-awareness through an autobiographical portrait of my homeland, as well as to seek comfort through reconnection to the past. In this sense, Borderland is an intimate work of remembrance, tenderness, and self-consolation.

by Jiehao Su

doc! photo magazine Fotofestiwal Lodz 2015 edition
online edition
printed edition SOLD OUT!
pp. 173-191

‘House of the Seven Ladies’ by Tito Mouraz @ doc! photo magazine Fotofestiwal Lodz 2015 edition

© Tito Mouraz

© Tito Mouraz

It is still said around here that the house is haunted.

At the house there lived seven ladies, all maiden sisters.

One of them was a witch.

On full moon nights, the ladies in their white garments would fly from the balcony to the leafy branches of the chestnut across the street. From there they would seduce men who passed-by.

In the House of the Seven Ladies, chatting, getting to know what it was like before me, listening and imagining, was as important as the act of photographing. I started by doing some portraits of people. They interest me because they have always lived here and are attached to the land just like trees. They speak about time, about their memories; their losses… many of them already dressed in black.

This series gives an account of a persistent return to the same place, so as to scrutinise its differences (the slow deactivation of agricultural practices, the gradual transformation of the territory, ageing…), in spite of listening to the same owl, to the same fox, to the same stories. Like in legend, perhaps the magic and appalling features, this cyclical experience, were my greatest wound: night, fumes, corpses, moon, ruin, sounds. A place of affections, after all I was also born here.

Beira-Alta, Portugal (2010-2014)

by Tito Mouraz

doc! photo magazine Fotofestiwal Lodz 2015 edition
online edition
printed edition SOLD OUT!
pp. 35-57

‘Grand Circle Diego’ by Cyril Costilhes @ doc! photo magazine Fotofestiwal Lodz 2015 edition

© Cyril Costilhes

© Cyril Costilhes

Bay of Diego Suarez. Strip of land in the far north of Madagascar.

A terrible accident.

10 years later, Cyril Costilhes comes back to close the circle.

The descent into his heart of darkness begins.

There is danger lying there, Diego.

It’s like smoking on a sea of gasoline.

Don’t fall in love.

Don’t you fucking fall in love here.

A dark and disturbing presence is lurking beneath the obscene jungle and the outskirts of Diego and its enigmatic dwellers.

Cyril Costilhes went looking for it, through the mirror of a Diego Suarez of the mind.

A Lynchian photographic tale of fallen utopias and broken relationships.

by Cyril Costilhes

doc! photo magazine Fotofestiwal Lodz 2015 edition
online edition
paper edition SOLD OUT!
pp. 109-133