Documentary photography workshops with Mariusz Janiszewski

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Exclusive documentary photography workshops with Mariusz Janiszewski

Spend 10 days in the Philippines and explore secrets of creating a documentary project and street photography. You will discover all nooks of Manila, life in the cemetery, cockfighting, street basketball games and many more.

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But the biggest attraction will be waiting for you in San Fernando (Pampanga province) – Easter in Filipino style! You will be able to observe and participate in the Way of the Cross completed with a real crucifixion!

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Seats: 3

Date: March 19 – April 1, 2016

Price: PLN 7,500 (≈ EUR 1,700), including:

  • cost of workshops
  • Warsaw-Manila-Warsaw flight
  • Philippine fixer

The price does not include: transport to and from Warsaw, accommodation, local transfers, meals and personal expenses.

Deadline for booking: March 18, 2016 (11:59 PM CET)

Mariusz Janiszewski (b. 1975) | based in Warsaw (Poland) | doc! photo magazine’s staff photographer also known from his advertising photography achievements | his greatest passion is travelling, wandering around with camera in hand, meeting new people | winner and finalist of many photographic contests, including Grand Press Photo (2015, 2014, 2013), BZ WBK Press Foto (2015, 2014), Hasselblad Masters Award (2014) and Humanity Photo Awards (2013), among others | next to doc! photo magazine, also publishes in LFI, Poznaj Swiat and Aorta.

See Mariusz Janiszewski’s projects published in doc! photo magazine #2, #8, #19 and #26.

Andrzej Bogacz @ Obok ZPAF GALLERY

© Andrzej Bogacz

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary, the Warsaw’s Obok ZPAF Gallery has prepared a series of exhibitions to celebrate this jubilee. One of these special exhibitions is The Endless City by Andrzej Bogacz, the winner of the prestigious 2015 Ryszard Kapuściński PAP Award in the Photo Material category.

The Endless City is a record of Andrzej Bogacz’s three-year stay in New York – the city about which he says: “One can say about New York anything and everything will always be true. Here, nothing seems to have a beginning and the end – neither time nor space; it is an endless gigantic flood of people in urban melting-pot. Carefully observing the daily life of residents and tourists, their reactions for ‘meeting the city’, I have created my own photographic diary.”

© Andrzej Bogacz

New York through the eyes of Andrzej Bogacz offers extreme sensations – from joy, relaxation and freedom up to the loneliness and emptiness. There is Batman walking along Madison Avenue, a couple of tourists are taking a picture of themselves against the giant figure of Eddie Murphy. Somewhere else a flood of people is flowing across a pedestrian crossing. Colourful adds are calling from the walls of the buildings. There is Angelina Jolie leaning out from behind the US flag, hung upside-down in the window. In another window, there is a dog probably waiting for its master’s return. New York simple sinks in the flood of colours given to him by its residents.

© Andrzej Bogacz

© Andrzej Bogacz

Andrzej Bogacz (b. 1975) | based in Warsaw (Poland) | graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań |  winner of the Ryszard Kapuściński PAP Award for the best photo material of 2015 in Polish media | his photographs have been published in several magazines, including Harvard Review, Neewsweek Polska, Bloomberg Businessweek, Forbes, Polityka, Playboy, Gazeta Wyborcza, Rzeczpospolita, Polska The Times, among others.

Andrzej Bogacz – THE ENDLESS CITY
@ Obok ZPAF Gallery (8 Zamkowy Sq., Warsaw, Poland)
Grand opening: February 10 at 7:00 PM.
The exhibition will be open to the public until March 10, 2016.

The exhibition is organised under doc! photo magazine patronage.

Marlena Bielinska @ GWL Gallery

© Marlena Bielinska_1

The upcoming GWL Gallery exhibition is focused on the beauty of female body. Behind the camera – Marlena Bielinska and in front of the lens – celebrities of contemporary film, music and fashion.

Marlena Bielinska has been working in photography since 1993. She used a camera  for the first time when she was in New York to where she came from Poland in 1988. In New York she started her career as a model, signing a contract with then the greatest modelling agency – Elite.

Having always been fascinated with women’s beauty and sensuality, at first she took pictures of her friends’ daughter and then she went on photographing her mates from the agency. The real beginning of her photographing career took place in 1993 after she had published her pictures in the American Photo magazine.

The exhibition will present 14 works by Bielinska in different formats. Most of them were made in analogue technique between 1995 and 2005.

© Marlena Bielinska_2

Marlena Bielinska – based in Warsaw (Poland) and New York City (NY, USA) | a psychologist by training, a photographer by passion | winner of Grant Front (2010) and some Polaroid and Mamiya awards | her works have been published in American Photo, Elle, Glamour, Playboy, Sports Illustrated, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Max Magazine and Vibe, among others.


Marlena Bielinska – SENSUALITY
@ GWL Gallery (6/8 Racjonalizacji St., Warsaw, Poland)
Grand opening: January 29 at 7:00 PM.
The exhibition will be open to the public until March 31, 2016.

The exhibition is organised under contra doc! patronage.

Wojciech Tuszko @ PDP Gallery

© Wojciech Tuszko_1

It is never too late to debut – that is what you can say about 94-year-old Wojciech Tuszko. Although his whole life has been connected with photography, he has never exhibited his works. Wojciech Tuszko – Ph.D. in chemistry, honorary member of the Association of Polish Artists Photographers ZPAF – was a photo-chemist, co-founded the Fotografia magazine, worked in photo-labs, in which he worked on methods of processing of the Western photosensitive materials using resources available in communist Poland. He was a populariser of photography, translator of the photographic literature, author of photographic terms for the PWN encyclopaedia, author of photo manuals, juror in numerous photographic competitions and a critic.

© Wojciech Tuszko_2

For over 50 years of his photographic activity, Wojciech Tuszko created an archive consisting of some tens of thousands of negatives. It did not make him a photographer – as he says himself: “he photographed just to know what he was writing about.” When the ZPAF members voted in favour of granting him honorary membership, he wondered if someone envious would not ask: “Has anyone ever seen Wojciech Tuszko’s photographs?”

© Wojciech Tuszko_3

The exhibition is not to confirm that he deserved the ZPAF membership. It is to present Wojciech Tuszko in a new role – in the role of a debutant. In this case – a paradoxical one, as it ends his long-term career, and does not start it.

Wojciech Tuszko – DEBUT
@ Pracownia Duży Pokój Gallery (4/6 Warecka St., Warsaw, Poland)
Grand opening: January 28 at 7:00 PM.
The exhibition will be open to the public until March 1, 2016.