Open Space @ Warsztat Warszawski

© Aga Lewandowska

The Open Space exhibition is an initiative of graduates of the Warsaw School of Photography and Graphic Design. It consists of 50 works of seventeen photographers summarising their current creative path. Each photographer experiences the surrounding reality in different way, making the exhibition very sensitive and diversified. Although internally so diverse, all works share a common denominator: “I think, therefore I photograph. I photograph, therefore I feel.”

“For many years, I walked through life with my eyes closed, wandering between known reality and unconscious longing,” – says Matylda Rosłaniec, one of the photographers, explaining the exhibition idea. – “Despite the uncertainty, I take the camera, my senses sharpen. I am opening myself. I need photography to shape the world the way I see it. This is my Open Space.”

© Luiza Sierpińska

© Paulina Rutyna

Exhibited photographers: Witold Boczewski, Paweł Brzuszek, Joanna Frukacz, Karolina Komosa, Anna Koperska, Magda Lassota, Aga Lewandowska, Żaneta Lipiec, Beata Mazurek, Magdalena Michalik, Matylda Rosłaniec, Paulina Rutyna, Luiza Sierpińska, Jakub Sosnowski, Beata Sterczewska, Anna Tomaka-Magdoń, and Kasia Zawodzińska.

More info @ (in Polish language version only)

@ Warsztat Warszawski (4 Konstytucji Sq., Warsaw, Poland)
Opening reception: May 14 at 6.00 PM
The exhibition will be open to the public until May 27, 2018

The Open Space exhibition is organised under doc! photo magazine patronage.


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