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We are living in the very interesting times. At our fingertips have we practically all the tools which allow us to make our passions and dreams come true, that give us opportunities to become these whom we have always wanted to become. From everywhere, different possibilities come to us, thanks to which we can make our lives more interesting, and ourselves – more fulfilled. Even if sometimes we cannot find a proper way/mode to accomplish a particular idea, it is enough to search the Internet a little and it is guaranteed that ready solution will be found.  

It might seem that for emerging photographers, to whom the DEBUTS project is dedicated, today’s possibilities of self-presentation should be sufficient to reach the recipients. Nothing can be further from the truth. Paradoxically, the opportunities we are given by the social media and the Internet make this process much harder. To find out about that, just check the number of results for the word ‘photography’ in any search engine. Narrowing it to the ‘emerging photography’ would surely reduce the number, but there are still so many of them, that to look through them all would take immeasurable amount of time. As for June 10, 2018, there were 4,550,000,000 and 157,000,000 results found by Google, respectively. And yet new sites dedicated to it are constantly appearing. That is why such initiatives like the DEBUTS project are so important – they identify in the stream of photographers these ones who are already worth stopping at for longer and observing.

In the fifth edition of DEBUTS we present twenty photographers, whose projects have delighted  jurors with their visual sensitivity, deeply thought out composition, and well-led narration. These 20 photographers are already achieving their first successes in their home countries as well as internationally. Their photographs are something more than just a statement about their experiences and observations; they are also a strong voice of the whole generation commenting the contemporary world in both, artistic and documentary forms. 

Featured photographers: Kirsten Bitzer (USA), Michele Crameri (Switzerland), Ilaria Di Biagio (Italy), Ewa Doroszenko (Poland), Jean-Félix Fayolle (France), Jordan Gale (USA), Ilias Georgiadis (Greece), Mirek Kaźmierczak (Poland), Paweł Łączny (Poland), Raj Lalwani (India), Camille Lévêque (France), Sergey Melnitchenko (Ukraine), Filippo Nicoletti (Italy), Valentyn Odnoviun (Lithuania), Anna Pfeiffer (Poland/Italy), Natalia Poniatowska (Poland/United Kingdom), Sergei Stroitelev (Russia), Gihan Tubbeh (Peru), Federico Vespignani (Italy), Adam Wilkoszarski (Poland)

Jury: Peter Bauza (Germany/Argentina), Grzegorz Kosmala (Poland), Isabella van Marle (the Netherlands), Sarker Protick (Bangladesh) and Elviera Velghe (Belgium)


Foreword: Grzegorz Kosmala
Book design: Aneta Kowalczyk
Cover: hard
Dimensions: 165 x 225 mm
Number of pages: 220
Number of photographs: 176 (colour and B&W)
Language version: English
Publisher: BLOW UP PRESS
ISBN: 978-83-939917-8-5
Premiere: June 23, 2018


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