doc! photo magazine vol. Q10 #45 (printed)

EUR 22.50

doc! photo magazine vol. Q10 #45 (printed)

EUR 22.50

In September, the eyes of the entire photojournalistic society around the world are headed for Perpignan. Thanks to the Visa pour l’Image festival this small city in the south of France becomes a real world capital of documentary photography these days. This year for the thirtieth time. Photojournalist summaries of last year’s events, panel discussions about the most important challenges facing the industry and, above all, meetings, meetings and once again meetings – they all are waiting for us. We could not omit this in autumn edition of doc! photo magazine. 

But the Visa pour l’Image is not the only festival that is present in this issue of doc! photo magazine. You will find here also projects presented at the W Ramach Sopotu Festival of Photography and many, many more! Enjoy it!


  • Joan AlvadoCuban Muslims: Tropical Faith  
  • Peter Bauza (doc! #38) – South Sudan: Dying Country
  • Lorenzo CastoreLand
  • Nathalie Daoust (doc! #6 & #27/28) – Korean Dreams
  • Kacper KowalskiHare and Hounds
  • Eduardo LealCholita’s Rise
  • Sergey MelnitchenkoBehind the Scenes
  • Betty PressMore Than Meets the Eye: Photographs of Mississippi
  • Zhang Huan & Shozo ShimamotoStage and Meta-stage: The Superimposed Subject Matter (in cooperation with fontaine b. and courtesy of the DSL Collection and the Morra Foundation)
  • Grzegorz Wełnicki (doc! #27/28) – Eternal


  • Hans Peter KuhnThat Is When Photography Makes Sense in My Eyes (interview by Chiara Valci Mazzara)
  • Jean-François Leroy The Photojournalism Is Still Kicking (interview by Grzegorz Kosmala)
  • Sergey MelnitchenkoThink Less, Shot More, and Rely on Your Intuition (interview by Anna Akage)


  • Anna Akage & Inti CelisBe Careful with the Addiction to the Adrenaline
  • Jens PepperPoet of Radical Photography
  • Georges VerchevalGeorges Rousse and the Great War: A Creative Document
  • Wojtek WieteskaThe American Digital Memory Dream


Version: Printed
Publication date: September 3, 2018
No. of pages: 188
No. of photos: 151 (including 48 B&W’s and 103 colours)

Cover photo: Lorenzo Castore


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