doc! photo magazine vol. Q3 #38 (online)

EUR 4.90

doc! photo magazine vol. Q3 #38 (online)

EUR 4.90

Documentary projects featured in this edition of doc! photo magazine quarterly will take you to Bangladesh, Brazil, Colombia, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, Senegal and Venezuela to show you stories that matter, while fine art photography project will guide you through different desserts.


  • Fabian AlbertiniBianco Deserto (contra doc!)
  • Tasneem AlsultanSaudi Tales of Love
  • Juan ArredondoBorn into Conflict 
  • Peter BauzaCopacabana Palace
  • Juan Pablo BellandiChasing Hampa 
  • Mário Cruz Talibes: Modern Day Slaves
  • Ilias Georgiadis Over|State (contra doc!)
  • Sandra HoynThe Longings of the Others
  • Laetitia VançonAt the End of the Day – Aig Deireadh An Latha 

Interview with Peter Bauza Telling Documentary Stories Open the Eyes

+ exclusively in PRINTED EDITION only:

  • Fabian Albertini I Do Need to Create and to Photograph as to Breathe (interview)
  • Joanna Sopyło-Firrisa Photographer Does What People Want (interview with James Barnor)
  • Georges Vercheval The Girl with a Flower by Marc Riboud (essay)
  • Wojtek Wieteska (doc! #17) Why Didn’t Plato Take a Selfie? (essay)
  • Wiktoria Wojciechowska (DEBUTS 2014) Sparks (photo project)

Version: Online (secured PDF file)
Publication date: December 10, 2016
No. of pages: 200 (vs 220 in printed version)
No. of photos: 133, including 54 duotones and 79 colour (vs 173 in printed version)

Cover photo: Juan Pablo Bellandi




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