doc! photo magazine vol. Q8 #43 (online)

EUR 4.90

doc! photo magazine vol. Q8 #43 (online)

EUR 4.90

This edition of doc! photo magazine invites you to visual reading of stories that matter! It continues the subject of gander based violence, covers the effects of Agent Orange sprayed by the US Army over Vietnamese villages and forests, visits former prisons of security services of the Eastern Europe, takes you on a trip around provincial Poland and the world’s beaches, discusses about the PTSD among war photographers, and much, much more!


  • Nicola BertasiLike the Rain Falling from the Sky
  • Winfried Bullinger – At the Edges of Power
  • Jacenty DędekPortrait of the Province
  • Valentyn OdnoviunSurveillance
  • Dina Oganova (doc! #20) – Frozen Waves
  • Martin Parr | Magnum PhotosGlobal Beaching
  • Henrik StrömbergThe State of Flux of the Movable Content – Henrik Strömberg in Reference to Man Ray (in cooperation with fontaine b.)
  • Federico VespignaniLa Distancia


  • Winfried Bullinger Inferior to Their Neighbours (interview by Jens Pepper)

+ exclusively in PRINTED EDITION only:

  • Anna AkageComing Back (with significant appearance of Peter van Agtmael | Magnum Photos, Ali Arkady, Manu Brabo, Adriane Ohanesian, Patrick Tombola, Professor Anthony Feinstein of the University of Toronto, and Mary O’Shea of the Rory Peck Trust)
  • Ernesto Bazan (doc! Foto Art Festiwal 2015 edition) – Thank You, Dad! (interview by Grzegorz Kosmala)
  • Heba KhamisBanned Beauty
  • Georges VerchevalJohn Vink. Displaced Persons. South-Sudan, 1988 (essay)
  • Wojtek WieteskaI’m Looking Through You (essay)
  • Tomasz WysockiThe Taste of Cherry


Version: Online (secured PDF file)
Publication date: March 26, 2018
No. of pages: 152 (vs 208 in printed version)
No. of photos: 101, including 65 B&W’s and 36 colours (vs 138 in printed version)

Cover photo: Martin Parr | Magnum Photos

doc! – when the story matters


Pictures of the magazine: © Mirek Kania



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