Naked Reflections

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Naked Reflections

Peter Suschitzky

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The work in this book is drawn from a project which famous cinematographer Peter Suschitzky has been working on for the past seven years, on and off between his activities in the film industry. Suschitzky decided to take up this project after years and years of photographing life all over the world. He wanted to find a theme which he could work on at home and in his own time. He knew that it would be hard to do anything original with the theme that he had chosen, as so many painters and photographers, great and small, have worked on this subject before him. Nevertheless he felt that he had to put his own imprint on the subject.

“In a hidden and cramped atelier in an unknown, possibly non-existent city, we discover naked women. The bodies of these women are palpable, humid, breathing. They are not abstract, not modern, they are real.” (excerpt from text by David Cronenberg)

Naked Reflections also includes a small but extremely fine selection of Suschitzky’s most important other work.

Naked Reflections

Photographer: Peter Suschitzky

Text: David Cronenberg, Sarah Moon, Ilona Suschitzky and Peter Suschitzky
Cover: hard with a cloth spine bookblock glued on the back
Format: 305×320 mm
Number of pages: 96
Number of photographs: 127 (tritones)
Language version: English
Year published: 2015
Publisher: Schilt Publishing
ISBN: 978-90-5330-846-2

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About Peter Suschitzky

Peter Suschitzky (b. 1941) | a cinematographer known for a long time collaboration with David Cronenberg (Crash, eXistenZ, A History of Violence, Cosmopolis and many more) | his portfolio also includes such feature films as The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, The Vanishing, Mars Attacks!, The Man in the Iron Mask and After Earth | started as a third assistant in a small film studio in London and became a cinematographer at the age of 21 | his many accolades include the New York Critics Award for Cinematography (1990), ISFF Manaki Brothers Life Achievement Award (2009) and seven Genie Awards for Best Cinematography | member of the American (A.S.C.) and British (B.S.C.) Societies of Cinematographers | juror of the 2015 Cannes Film Festival’s International Critics’ Week.

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