The Nature of Imitation

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The Nature of Imitation

Yola Monakhov Stockton

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Looking closely at birds in the fields through the materials of colour film and studio props, The Nature of Imitation considers the physical and metaphorical qualities of the landscape. Like natural history drawings, the photographs reimagine traditions of landscape representation from Renaissance tapestries, the early history of photography, and Modernist painting and sculpture. Collaborating with scientists and naturalists in Massachusetts, New York and Costa Rica, Monakhov Stockton gained access to wild birds caught for banding and release, and those captive in labs.

Alongside photographs made in woods, orchards, and gardens, the work cultivates a vocabulary of techniques that attend to the process of picture-making and the emotions and ethics of looking at other creatures.

The Nature of Imitation

Photographer: Yola Monakhov Stockton

Foreword: Elisabeth Biondi
Cover: hardbound
Format: 170×218 mm
Number of pages: 104
Number of photographs: 54 (colour)
Language version: English
Year published: 2015
Publisher: Schilt Publishing
ISBN: 978-90-5330-845-5

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About Yola Monakhov Stockton

Yola Monakhov Stockton based in Northampton (MA, USA) and New York City (NY, USA) | currently the Harnish Visiting Artist at Smith College | member of the faculty of the International Centre of Photography and Columbia University, where received her MFA and MA in Italian literature | her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally (in Belgium, China, Italy and Russia, among others) | has photographed regularly for The New Yorker | her work has appeared in Harper’s, M le magazine du Monde, Marie Claire, The New York Times, Der Spiegel and Time | has worked on assignments in the Middle East, Central Asia, Iran and the former Soviet Union.

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