History of a Photo

© Jakub Szymczuk | Gosc Niedzielny

© Jakub Szymczuk | Gosc Niedzielny

Watch Jakub Szymczuk, Czarek Sokolowski, Chris Niedenthal (doc! #6), and Jerzy Kosnik talking about their photographs in a series produced by the Centre for Thought of John Paul II – History of a Photo.

The series consists of short videos (2-4 min.) in which the photographers share their emotions experienced by taking one of the most important images in their life. All photos are linked by the theme: SOLIDARITY.

We are already after the first episode with Jakub Szymczuk talking about the picture taken during bloody attempt to suppress a peaceful protest against the Viktor Yanukovych government in Kiev (Ukraine) on February 20, 2014, currently called Black Thursday. The picture has been awarded with Picture of the Year and Picture of the Decade at the 2014 Grand Press Photo competition.

The next episode with Czarek Sokolowski will be webbed on February 26, 2015.

History of a Photo -> each Thursday at 8:00 PM @ www.youtube.com/foksal11 channel.

All episodes are in Polish language version only.