DEBUTS (edition 2017)

EUR 16.00


DEBUTS (edition 2017)

EUR 16.00

DEBUTS is a unique project. It is a cross section of what preoccupies attention of emerging Polish photographers. The projects featured in this book, presenting works by the laureates of the 4th edition of DEBUTS, discuss totally different stories: from observation of the immediate surroundings, through personality analysis, to pure creation. The photographers use different techniques, starting from the oldest ones, coming from the 19th century, up to the newest ones, firmly embedded in digital reality we live in. There are stylised portraits and landscapes as well as dark and dirty photos, looking as if secretly taken, so that no one could notice presence of the photographer. There are also pictures taken under the influence of the moment and emotions associated with it, as well as those thoughtfully composed and planned.

It is difficult to indicate the common axis of these pictures. It can naturally be said that it is a man, but it would be a far-reaching simplification. There are many indications that emerging Polish photographers like to tell either about themselves or about their issues, but thanks to this – they are about us. Surely, many of us will find ourselves and our own problems in these pictures. This is exactly what photography is – a mirror of our days, thanks to which future generations will be able to get to know us better.

Featured photographers: Piotr Barejka, Monika Chrabąszcz-Tarkowska, Monika Cichoszewska, Weronika Cyganik, Baltazar Fajto, Maria Gawryluk, Joanna Grochala, Aleksandra Iwańczak, Dominika Jaruga, Paweł Jóźwiak, Adam Karaś, Michał Konrad, Agnieszka Lepka, Bartłomiej Maślak, Paulina Ratajczak, Agata Reclaf-Ropel, Michał Skrętkowicz, ukasz Szamałek, Adrian Vozny and Dawid Zieliński

Jury: Peter Bauza (Germany/Argentina), Grzegorz Kosmala (Poland), Olivier Spillebout (France), Marie-Pierre Subtil (France), Georges Vercheval (Belgium)

DEBUTS (edition 2017)
Introduction: Grzegorz Kosmala
Cover: hard
Dimensions: 165 x 225 mm
Number of pages: 96
Number of photographs: 85 (colour and B&W)
Language version: English
Publisher: BLOW UP PRESS
ISBN: 978-83-939917-3-0
Premiere: June 3, 2017


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