I Just Miss my Husband

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I Just Miss my Husband

Magdalena Wdowicz-Wierzbowska

EUR 22.00

“Each of us would like to ask different people ‘what is it like when…’ Not always it is proper, not always we are brave enough. We’re not sure whether our curiosity can make someone upset. Magdalena Wdowicz-Wierzbowska asks for us. Widows of different ages. She also takes pictures of them. In my opinion, her photographs and texts admirably express the emptiness and loneliness. They are pictures of absence.”

Mariusz Szczygiel


Magdalena Wdowicz-Wierzbowska’s photo book immediately attracts attention: hard, solid black cover, girdled with a red ribbon with the title printed on. It is difficult to resist the thought that this is a book, which will require attention from the readers. And that is the case.

Magdalena’s debut album tells about widows, their sorrows and experiences connected with their life partners’ death. Unhurried, clack and white photographs reveal piece by piece 20 stories talking about love and the need for closeness of other people. Even after they have gone. These 20 stories prove how much simple events matter in life, and how important it is to enjoy every single moment and share it with our beloved person.

It is a very personal album. Magda started working on this album after her father’s death and the contacts with the widows quickly became a part of therapy after the loss and partly – an attempt to familiarise with death.


I Just Miss my Husband

Photographer: Magdalena Wdowicz-Wierzbowska

Cover: hard
Dimensions: 225 x 154 mm
Number of pages: 240
Number of photographs: 119 (B&W)
Language version: Polish
Year published: 2013
Publisher: Magdalena Wdowicz-Wierzbowska
ISBN: 978-83-938305-0-3


About Magdalena Wdowicz-Wierzbowska

Magdalena Wdowicz-Wierzbowska (b. 1979) | based in Warsaw (Poland) | architect and freelance photographer | member of the Association of Polish Artists Photographers | grant holder of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage (2013) | focused on her own photographic projects | deals with portrait, street photography, and clay modelling | her first photo book - I Just Miss My Husband. Meetings with Widows - was published in 2013 | likes yoga and non-fiction literature.

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