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Nazik Armenakyan

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In 2005, Nazik Armenakyan (doc! #33) completes a photo-documentary course at the Caucasus Media Institute preparing a portrait of 100-year-old Remella Amlikyan. This meeting quickly turns to be a 10-year-long ambitious photographic project about surviving victims of the Armenian genocide of 1915 resulting in a book titled simply Survivors. The book shows the significance of photography in forging understanding of these events and their impact on individual identities.

For Nazik, a highly regarded Armenian photojournalist today, it was important „to show that these people were not immortal, even if they had lived a hundred years and still continued to live because they had a message. I understood that having kept their message silent for all these years, meant that they were waiting for something.“ They were waiting for Nazik to record their testimonies. She recorded forty-five survivors still living in Armenia.

Seemingly straightforward, Armenakyan’s photographs are not mere portraits. They attempt the complex task of bringing the events of 1915 to our reality through the figure of the survivor.

Rather than re-constructing the unimaginable image of the genocide, Armenakyan’s project revives the very image that the genocide attempted to obliterate. House interiors with old photos, everyday objects, and family members. These ordinary things make us whom we are and constitute our sense of humanity. This is also what we normally take for granted and Armenakyan’s project reveals its preciousness and the tragedy of its loss.

The photographs in Survivors are a form of storytelling. They turn us into witnesses who must, a hundred years later, see, listen and find some form of redemption by giving these victims back the dignity of individual identity that was once erased. These portraits show faces that had seen the unimaginable. Like relics, they remind us of our responsibility to preserve the memory of that which should never be repeated.


Photographer: Nazik Armenakyan

Foreword: Marc Nichanian
Nazik Armenakyan
Afterword: Vigen Galstyan
Cover: hard
Format: 220×330 mm
Number of pages: 152
Number of photographs: 46 (B&W and colour)
Language version: English and Armenian
Year published: 2015
Publisher: 4Plus Documentary Photography Centre
ISBN: 978-9939-1-0167-5

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About Nazik Armenakyan

Nazik Armenakyan (b.1976) | based in Yerevan (Armenia) | a photojournalist since 2002 | worked for Armenpress News Agency, Yerevan magazine, Forum magazine, Agence France-Presse (AFP), and Reuters | currently works for | took part in a photojournalism course organised by the Caucasus Institute and World Press Photo in Yerevan (2004-2005) | Grand Prix winner of the Karl Bulla International Photo Contest in Russia (2007) | has been awarded with the Magnum Foundation Human Rights & Photography Fellowship to study at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts (2011) | received a Documentary Photography Production grant from the Open Society Foundations (2011) | selected for Open Society Foundations’ Audience Engagement Grant programme (2014) | her works has featured in a number of exhibitions in Armenia, Europe, and Hong Kong | co-founder of the 4 Plus Documentary Photography Centre, which aims to develop Armenian documentary photography.

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