doc! photo magazine vol. Q2 #37 (online)

EUR 4.90

doc! photo magazine vol. Q2 #37 (online)

EUR 4.90


  • Cancer Family by Nancy Borowick
  • African Tales from Today by Nicolas Henry
  • Evil Man by Hubert Humka
  • Kurdistan, the Other Iraq by Yuri Kozyrev (doc! #7)
  • Zero by Alfonso Moral
  • Basterland by Julia Runge
  • Waiting Girls by Sadegh Souri
  • This Is My Country by Ingetje Tadros

Interview with Hubert Humka – A True Lie

+ exclusively in PRINTED EDITION only:

  • 1%: Privilege in a Time of Global Inequality by Nina Berman (doc! #7), Sasha BezzubovGuillaume BonnJörg BrüggemannPhilippe ChancelDavid ChancellorGabriele Galimberti, Jacqueline HassinkDavid LeventiMichael LightYves MarchandRomain MeffreAndrew MooreZed Nelson (doc! #17), Daniel SheaMichael Wolf and Paolo Woods (project curated by Myles Little)
  • Myles Little - Wealth Is Neither Good Nor Bad (interview)
  • Warren Richardson – A Time Collector (interview) + Crossing the Border (photostory)
  • Laurence Cornet – There Is No Filter Anymore (interview with Fred Ritchin)
  • Rotem Rozental – The Shared Self and Other Anxieties: In the Dark With Natalie Bookchin and Doug Rickard (essay)

Version: Online (secured PDF file)
Publication date: August 29, 2016
No. of pages: 160 (vs 220 in printed edition)
No. of photos: 124, including 44 duotones and 80 colour (vs 177 in printed edition)

Cover photo: Warren Richardson




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