Robby Cyron @ GWL Gallery

Magdalena Boczarska. Taken from the bella project

Magdalena Boczarska 
Taken from the bella project

44 women, each beautiful in her own way. At the Warsaw’s GWL Gallery on April 21, the first presentation of the bella project, Robby Cyron’s homage paid to womanhood and essence of his 25-year-long photographic career, will take place.

Everyone who knows Robby Cyron’s artistic work has noticed that he is able to create a magic atmosphere between the model and the camera. He is one of a few photographers who let the woman be herself, focusing the viewer’s attention on the game of lights and shadows. The bella project results from countless meetings during which Cyron was taking pictures of nature of women – these known ones (actresses, dancers, singers) and those close to his heart. This special collection of 37 black-and-white photographs of women presents the real picture of feminine beauty in a natural and minimal way.

“What I wanted to show was not only the women’s beauty, but also their emotions strictly connected with their sense of being a woman,” – says Robby Cyron.

Sabina Wrotny Taken from the bella project

Sabina Wrotny
Taken from the bella project

During the exhibition opening, there will take place the launch of unique, hand-numbered album consisting of 94 photos of women, published in a limited series of 100 copies. The album numbered 001, signed by all the heroins, can be bought during the auction. Besides the album, 10 original photographs in collector’s version will be auctioned too. The charity auction will be run for the Rak’n’Roll Foundation.

Robby Cyron (b. 1970) | based in Warsaw (Poland) | learnt to photograph in a classical advertising photography studio | photographer and curator | owner of the las studio and GWL Gallery (both in Warsaw) | gives analogue atmosphere to his works, often made digitally | co-author of guide books IN (Agora, 2011) and author of the photobook Nath (RC, 2012) | his works have been published by such magazines like MaximGalaCosmopolitanEllePlayboyJoyMusic ExpressGlamourMarie ClaireTwój Styl and doc! photo magazine (doc! #10 & #39), among others.

Robby Cyron – BELLA
@ GWL Gallery (6/8 Racjonalizacji St., Warsaw, Poland)
Opening reception: April 21 at 7.00 PM
The exhibition will be open to the public until September 2017

The Robby Cyron exhibition is organised under doc! photo magazine patronage.

Monika Walecka @ GWL Gallery

© Monika Walecka_01

She is a professional baker and always carries her camera with her. Many call her the queen of food porn, she runs the Gotuje, bo lubi blog, where she gives vent to her culinary and photographic fantasies. After three years in San Francisco (CA, USA), she has just come to Poland to present her landscape photography at her first exhibition – Mists of Yosemite.

She developed her passion for cooking during the internship in the Las Studio, to which she came with the aim of improving her photographic skills. Her culinary interests and talent came out to light, earning recognition of the whole staff of the Studio. As she admits, the most crucial factor in her self-improvement was her travels – first to Prague, then to San Francisco, thanks to which she was made herself as a cook and photographer.

© Monika Walecka_02

“We are very pleased that Monika has made such a progress  and that our GWL Gallery is the very place of her photographic debut“ - says Robby Cyron, co-owner of the gallery.

Mists of Yosemite is a wonderful and expressive series of photographs telling different stories about this iconic Californian park. It is not difficult to notice inspiration of photographs by Ansel Adams, an American photographer and pianist, who became famous for his black and white photographs of national parks. The exhibition will consist of 16 B&W pictures in classic 24×30 format.

© Monika Walecka_03

The GWL Gallery was established to present and promote good fine art photography. The gallery ambition is to participate in creating a collector’s photography market in Poland. The gallery has already hosted exhibitions of Szymon Szcześniak, Kasia Bobula, Tomasz Albin, Marlena Bielinska and Robby Cyron (doc! #10), among others.

Monika Walecka – MISTS OF YOSEMITE
@ GWL Gallery (6/8 Racjonalizacji St., Warsaw, Poland)
Grand opening: May 25 at 7.00 PM
The exhibition will be open to the public until August 31, 2016

The exhibition is organised under doc! photo magazine patronage.

Marlena Bielinska @ GWL Gallery

© Marlena Bielinska_1

The upcoming GWL Gallery exhibition is focused on the beauty of female body. Behind the camera – Marlena Bielinska and in front of the lens – celebrities of contemporary film, music and fashion.

Marlena Bielinska has been working in photography since 1993. She used a camera  for the first time when she was in New York to where she came from Poland in 1988. In New York she started her career as a model, signing a contract with then the greatest modelling agency – Elite.

Having always been fascinated with women’s beauty and sensuality, at first she took pictures of her friends’ daughter and then she went on photographing her mates from the agency. The real beginning of her photographing career took place in 1993 after she had published her pictures in the American Photo magazine.

The exhibition will present 14 works by Bielinska in different formats. Most of them were made in analogue technique between 1995 and 2005.

© Marlena Bielinska_2

Marlena Bielinska – based in Warsaw (Poland) and New York City (NY, USA) | a psychologist by training, a photographer by passion | winner of Grant Front (2010) and some Polaroid and Mamiya awards | her works have been published in American Photo, Elle, Glamour, Playboy, Sports Illustrated, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Max Magazine and Vibe, among others.


Marlena Bielinska – SENSUALITY
@ GWL Gallery (6/8 Racjonalizacji St., Warsaw, Poland)
Grand opening: January 29 at 7:00 PM.
The exhibition will be open to the public until March 31, 2016.

The exhibition is organised under contra doc! patronage.

Dagmara Radzikowska @ GWL Gallery

© Dagmara Radzikowska

© Dagmara Radzikowska

It all started from sandwiches for friends  and desire to astonish them with their flavour. Then there was a question about their two or three favourite products and a trip to a proven market to get those of the highest quality. That is how The Byk started – Dagmara Radzikowska’s blog documenting all stages of making sandwiches for friends. Dozens of sandwiches.

“Since the beginning, when making a sandwich for a particular person, I was thinking of colours and composition. The cottage cheese was just a white spot, while the chives – simply green stripes” – says Dagmara Radzikowska, the author of the photographs, which will be shown in Warsaw’s GWL Gallery.

© Dagmara Radzikowska

© Dagmara Radzikowska

The exhibition is a natural continuation of The Byk project, which has attracted masses of enthusiasts among epicures of life, good food and art photography. It is the first individual exhibition of culinary photography combined with tasting of personalised sandwiches, from which this artistic project started.

Dagmara Radzikowska – based in Warsaw (Poland) | stylist connected with fashion for 16 years | cooperated with most important fashion magazines in Poland like Viva, Gala, Elle, Twoj Styl, Glamour and Cosmopolitan | involved in advertising campaigns of such companies as Coca-Cola, Atlantic, Franco Feruzzi, Portofino, Avon or Apartament | cooperates with the online magazine VUMAG | author of the culinary blog The Byk for which invented, stylised and photographed sandwiches on her own | as a photographer and food-stylist cooperates with such titles as Twoj Styl, Kukbuk  and La Vie Magazine.

Dagmara Radzikowska – THE BYK
GWL Gallery (6/8 Racjonalizacji St., Warsaw, Poland). Grand opening: September 17 at 7:00 PM. The exhibition will be open to the public until October 31, 2015.

The exhibition is organised under contra doc! patronage.

Michał Szlaga @ GWL Gallery

© Michał Szlaga

© Michał Szlaga

Michał Szlaga is one of the most respected Polish photographers. His upcoming exhibition at GWL Gallery is the Poland’s first so extensive presentation of the Shipyard project, documenting changes in the Gdansk Shipyard over 15 years.

Szlaga photographs shipyard since 2000. He shows changes in its architectural landscape under the influence of human activities, documenting its slow disappearance from the map of the city. His work resulted with a moving series of photographs and video, which are a kind of tribute to the Gdansk Shipyard.

© Michał Szlaga

© Michał Szlaga

The exhibition consists of 25 photographs. During the opening, they will be supported by a video documenting the artist trip to Alang (India) where ships built in Gdansk are divided into parts. The opening will also include a slide show showing the Gdansk Shipyard ’s buildings before and after demolition.

Michał Szlaga (b. 1978) | based in Gdansk (Poland) | graduate from Photography and Intermedia at the Gdansk’s Academy of Fine Arts | known for his portrait and documentary projects | his works are in the collections of the Apollonia Association in Strasbourg, the Ujazdowski Castle – Centre for Contemporary Art in Warsaw and the National Museum in Gdansk | has exhibited his photographs in Poland, Germany, France and Iran, among others | repeatedly awarded at prestigious national and international photo competitions.

Michał Szlaga – Shipyard
GWL Gallery (6/8 Racjonalizacji St., Warsaw, Poland). Grand opening: May  29 at 7:00 PM. The exhibition will be open to the public until August 30, 2015.

The exhibition is organised under doc! photo magazine patronage.